Apply for a joint tenancy

Before you start

Please read the statement below and confirm that you have.

A joint tenancy means that:

- the previous sole tenancy is ended and a new joint tenancy is started. This may be considered as an introductory tenancy for the first 12 months and may affect any Right to Buy application and also means that any existing transfer applications need to be re-applied for

- both people on the tenancy are jointly and severally liable for the rent and any arrears whether or not they remain living in the property

- if notice is given by one joint tenant, it will end the tenancy for all joint tenants

- whether we assign the property to the remaining tenant is subject to housing laws in place at the time and whether the property is considered suitable for the remaining tenant i.e the property is neither over-crowded nor under occupied (there are more bed spaces than people in occupation)

- in case of marital break down, the Family Courts will determine which tenant remains in the property and will instruct us to dissolve the joint tenancy in favour of the remaining partner.

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