Apply for a Taxicard

The Taxicard provides reduced fares in licensed London taxis and private hires vehicles, for people who have a long-term or permanent illness or disability which prevents them from using, or significantly limits, their use of public transport.

Taxicard application form

You must submit two passport-sized photographs with the application form, along with a photocopy of a proof of identity document and a proof of residence document.

You must have a disability that has lasted more than 12 months to qualify for a Taxicard. The cabs in the Taxicard scheme carry ramps and are accessible to wheelchair users.

Taxicards are not available to people who suffer temporary disabilities, for example, a broken leg.

You contribute £2.50 for each journey made and we will pay up to a further £10.80. The amount of money we pay will vary depending on the time of the day that you take your trip.

You can take up 96 journeys per financial year (April to March) using your Taxicard (or eight journeys per month).

The maximum amounts we will pay per trip are as follows:

  • Day time rate is £8.30 per trip.
  • Weekend and bank holiday rates are £9.30 per trip.
  • Night time rate is £10.80 per trip.