Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

Community feedback

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are part of our vision for a transport network that is inclusive and has a positive impact on quality of life and the environment. It is important that we are able to balance the needs of our diverse community, so we wanted to understand initial perceptions of the LTNs. 

Due to the need to act swiftly we did not carry out a formal consultation however we did carry out a number of initial engagement exercises. 

We gathered feedback in a variety of formats including:

  • Speaking to statutory consultees such as the emergency services 
  • We undertook some face-to-face engagement with local stakeholders
  • We undertook virtual engagement with local groups
  • We visited and spoke to local businesses
  • We heard from local action groups 
  • The community could engage with us by:
    • Phone, the number for which was advertised on the letter and on posters throughout the neighbourhood
    • Email
    • Commonplace
    • Through local representatives such as Ward Councillors and local MPs
    • Post