Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

Changes made to date

A summary of improvements we have made in response to community feedback and early traffic data collection since the LTN implementation.

Supporting measures


Health practitioners from Palace Road surgery have been temporarily granted exemptions from the Palace Road traffic filter. 

An exemption for SEND transport providers has been put in place for all LTNs.

We have addressed the issue faced by a small number of households on Palace Road and Hillside Road, whereby they were outside the controlled parking zone and were frequently unable to park without driving around the perimeter of the low traffic neighbourhood 

Improved Communication

We have published a monitoring strategy that clearly outlines how we will monitor the scheme and what success will look like.

We have been attending meetings of Streatham Action Transport Group and will provide more frequent updates on our Commonplace website.

A local, independent film maker has been commissioned to assist us in communicating the monitoring strategy and next steps with engagement

Physical changes

  • Improved cycle facilities: Added 10 cycle stands around the LTN
  • Improved signage: We have improved the diversion route, advanced warning and traffic restriction signage:
  • “No Access for Through Traffic to A205 South Circular from 15/08/20” sign installed at Emsworth j/w Barcombe/Cricklade/Amesbury/Downton
  • “No access to A23 via Hillside Road” & “No access to A23 via Roupell Road” sign installed on the westbound approach of the A205 South Circular in advance of Hillside and Roupell Road
  • “No access to through traffic via hillside road” sign installed on Hillside Rd j/w Lanercost Rd and Palace Rd j/w Kingsmead Rd. 
  • “No left turn” sign installed on Emsworth Street prior to it’s junction with Amesbury Avenue. 
  • “Motor Vehicles Prohibited penalty charges now apply” signs at every restriction point 
  • 150 households on Palace Road and Hillside Road are now able to purchase parking permits for CPZ M in response to particular difficulties they faced due to the location of the modal filters in relation to the CPZ boundaries.