School Streets

The council has introduced timed closures on streets around schools in the borough to make the journey to school safer for pupils.

School Streets locations

Existing School Streets

In 2019, Lambeth introduced School Streets around two schools:

  • Jessop Primary School, Lowden Road, SE24 0BJ
  • Immanuel St Andrew CE Primary School, Northanger Road, SW16 5SL

These two schemes are enforced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras between the hours of 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm. 

New School Streets

19 new School Streets were introduced in September and November 2020. These schemes were operating under a ‘Temporary Traffic Order’ since they were introduced. An ‘Experimental Traffic Order’ covering the schemes has now come into effect on 14 June 2021. Visit have your say to leave a comment.

During a six-month informal engagement period from 2 September 2020 to 2 March 2021, 1692 contributions were collected. The results found:

  • 80% commented in support of the schemes
  • 15% of comments were negative
  • 5% of comments were neutral

What times do the restrictions take place? 

School Streets locations AM PM Address 
Archbishop Sumner Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Reedworth St, London SE11 4PH
Bonneville Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Bonneville Gardens, London SW4 9LB
Christ Church Streatham CoE 8.00-9-15am 2.30-3.45pm Cotherstone Rd, Brixton Hill, London SW2 3NF
Elm Wood Primary School 8.15-9.15am 3.00-4.00pm Carnac St, Norwood, London SE27 9RR
Granton Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Granton Rd, London SW16 5AN
Henry Cavendish Primary School (Balham) 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Hydethorpe Rd, London SW12 0JA
Hitherfield Primary School 8.30-9.30am 3.00-4.00pm Leigham Vale, London SW16 2JQ
Immanuel & St Andrews CofE Primary School 8.00-9.00am 3.00-4.00pm Northanger Rd, London SW16 5SL
Jessop Primary School 8.00-9.00am 3.00-4.00pm Lowden Rd, London SE24 0BJ
Julian's Primary School (West Norwood) 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  16 Wolfington Rd, Norwood, London SE27 0JF
Larkhall Primary School 8.15-9.15am 3.00-4.00pm Smedley St, London SW4 6PH
Orchard Primary School 8.00-9-15am 2.30-3.45pm Christchurch Rd, Brixton Hill, London SW2 3ES
Reay Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Hackford Rd, Vassall, London SW9 0EN
St John Angell Town Primary School 8.30-9.30am 2.45-3.45pm  85 Angell Rd, London SW9 7HH
St Luke’s Primary School 8.30-9.30am 2.45-3.45pm  Linton Grove, Norwood, London SE27 0DZ
St Mary's RC Primary School 8.30-9.30am 3.00-4.00pm Crescent Lane, Clapham, London, SW4 9QJ
Stockwell Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Stockwell Rd, London SW9 9TG
Telferscot Primary School 8.15-9.15am 3.00-4.00pm Telferscot Rd, London SW12 0HW
Van Gogh Primary 8.30-9.30am 2.45-3.45pm  Hackford Rd, Vassall, London SW9 0RD
Van Gogh Primary School (Mostyn Site) 8.30-9.30am 2.45-3.45pm  Cowley Rd, Vassall, London SW9 6HF
Walnut Tree Walk Primary School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DS
Woodmansterne School 8.15-9.15am 2.45-3.45pm  Stockport Road, London Area, London SW16 5XE