Community Weeding Scheme

You can opt out of glyphosate weed spraying on your street in 2021 and take on responsibility for weeding it with your neighbours.

5. How you can control weeds

Residents of Oaks Avenue in Gipsy Hill started doing their own weeding last summer. They suggest waiting until after rain, so that the ground the weeds are growing in is softer, and then pulling them out by hand, trying to bring the roots out with them. Any accumulated soil should also be removed, reducing the likelihood of weeds being able to grow back. This method has a much lower rate of regrowth than spraying with glyphosate, which leaves weeds in place while they die off and doesn’t remove soil.

The most important time to weed will be after the initial growth spurt that occurs in the spring. If roots and accumulated soil are removed at that stage, you shouldn’t need to weed more than three times a year.

We’ll provide you with a garden waste bag for collecting weeds. Once your bag is full, you can leave it on the pavement on your regular collection day next to your wheelie bins and it will be emptied and returned as part of your weekly garden waste service. Please ensure the bag is on the pavement by 6 am - the evening before is fine.

If you live in a property that doesn’t have wheelie bins, for example on an estate, please let us know and we’ll make an alternative arrangement.