Community Weeding Scheme

You can opt out of glyphosate weed spraying on your street in 2021 and take on responsibility for weeding it with your neighbours.

3. How has COVID-19 affected the phase out of glyphosate use?

In March 2020, we also offered residents the chance to opt their street out of the 2020/21 weed spraying schedule provided they committed to weeding their street themselves. The original ask was for participants to do this until April 2021 when our new rubbish, recycling, and street-cleaning contract was due to begin. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we have had to delay the procurement work related to this service by 6 months. We'll therefore be unable to phase out glyphosate weed spraying until October 2021, when the new service is due to commence.

The response to the weeding scheme in 2020 was positive and so we are re-opening applications ahead of the next spray scheduled for May 2021 to enable more streets and residents to participate. We'll also extend the opt-out for those who signed up in 2020 and are happy to continue weeding their streets until October 2021.