Community Weeding Scheme

You can opt out of glyphosate weed spraying on your street in 2021 and take on responsibility for weeding it with your neighbours.

We're phasing out glyphosate treatment for routine weeding of all Lambeth’s streets from October 2021. We're committed to addressing the climate emergency and our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and make sure Lambeth is a place people want to work, live and invest in is clearly set out in the Borough Plan. We listen to residents’ concerns and act where we can and where we know it will make a difference.

Some residents have raised concerns about the use of glyphosate to treat weeds in Lambeth. While we're certain that the amount we use and the way it's applied is safe, we know that there is controversy about the environmental and health impacts. Given our commitments to tackling the climate and ecological crisis, we want to act responsibly and are therefore responding to these concerns by:

  • ending glyphosate treatment for routine weeding of all Lambeth’s streets from October 2021
  • reducing applications of glyphosate from three to two per year in 2020 and 2021
  • giving residents the option to remove their street from the schedule for glyphosate treatment in 2020 and 2021 if they commit to weeding the street themselves

We’re doing this because we believe in taking the right steps to protect the planet. Some residents have already been working with us to trial other methods of weeding in their streets and we encourage others to join in. We welcome all applications from residents who want to step up and support this new approach to reduce glyphosate weed treatments before they are phased out in October.

Do it online

Opt out of glyphosate weed spraying on your street

All roads that send in forms before 29 April 2021 will be removed from the scheduled glyphosate spray in May. Any forms received on or after this date will be removed from the spray that takes place in late summer. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

The priority at this time remains your wellbeing. If you need to contact your neighbours please do so via email, phone or other non-direct methods in line with government instructions to practise social distancing.

We'll continue to review and update our instructions in line with the latest government advice on social distancing when it comes to organising the weeding of your street.