Lambeth Biodiversity Action Plan

Find out about Lambeths wide variety of wildlife (biodiversity) and what we can all do to preserve it. 

Biodiversity and climate changes are becoming increasingly important in our lives. As such we have developed 'The Lambeth Biodiversity Action Plan' (Lambeth BAP), a key policy document outlining our vision for biodiversity in the region. The document provides an in-depth analysis on biodiversity within Lambeth and looks at: 

  • the benefits of biodiversity to our economy, culture and personal well-being
  • our plans for the future
  • local habitats and areas of interest
  • conservation areas
  • tree preservation orders.

It also includes resources, policy guidance and the various ways we can all encourage biodiversity. 

Lambeth is rich in terms of its diverse wildlife and habitats; with your help we can maintain the natural treasures on our doorstep for generations to come.

Lambeth Biodiversity Action Plan 2019-24 (PDF, 13.5MB)

For more information on the Lambeth BAP, Lambeth’s amazing wildlife and how you can get involved in helping protect and improve our borough’s biodiversity, contact Lambeth Landscapes.