Choosing and applying to a school for a child with an EHCP

Use this guide to help you when choosing and applying to a school for a child with an EHCP

Applying for a school place

You don’t need to apply for a school place in the same way as other parents if your child has one of the following:

You can complete the online forms below, stating which school you'd prefer your child to go to. The forms go directly to the SEND team.

Primary schools

Apply for a primary school place for children with SEND

Secondary schools

The closing date for secondary transfer applications is 15 September 2020. For late applications, contact the Special Educational Needs Services on 020 7926 9460.

Apply for a secondary school place for children with SEND

When you do need to apply

You'll need to apply for a school place in the same way as other parents if your child:

  • doesn’t have a statement or EHCP
  • has a SEND support plan
  • is being assessed for special educational needs.

Your child may miss out on a place at your preferred school if you don’t apply in the normal way and they don’t get an EHCP.