Determined school admissions arrangements for 2021-22

View the determined 2021 – 22 Lambeth admissions policy and arrangements.

In line with the School Admissions Code 2014, the 2021-22 school admission arrangements relating to Lambeth community schools and Oasis Academy Johanna (on behalf of Oasis Community Learning) has been determined (agreed) in 2020. This followed a period of consultation that ran from 13 December 2019 to 26 January 2020.

The arrangements were determined by Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite following Council Members' Briefing.

For admissions information about Lambeth academies, voluntary-aided schools and foundation schools, please visit the school's web pages.


Determined 2021-22 Lambeth school admissions policy and arrangements (PDF, 1MB)


Ability banding test

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, Lambeth Council sought a variation to the admissions arrangements for Lilian Baylis Technology School and The Norwood School.

The variation is to remove the ability banding test. This request was sent to the Office of Schools Adjudicator (OSA). The ability banding test, which was due to take place for Lilian Baylis Technology School and The Norwood School on 14 November 2020 did not take place.  As a result of the OSA’s decision, the determined 2021/22 admissions policy has been updated. This includes the key changes for Lilian Baylis Technology School and The Norwood School.

If you have applied for other schools that use the test, please check their webpages regarding what arrangements or policy changes they are making.

Published Admissions Numbers

Due to falling demand for places in the borough and to assist schools with financial costings, Lambeth Council sought variations to reduce the Published Admissions Numbers for the following primary schools’ reception 2021-22 entry:

  • Loughborough - reduce from 60 to 30 places
  • Kingswood - reduce from 90 to 60 places
  • Richard Atkins - reduce from 45 to 30 places
  • Sudbourne - reduce from 90 to 45 places.

The OSA agreed to the reductions for Loughborough, Richard Atkins and Sudbourne Primary Schools, but not for Kingswood Primary School.


If you believe that the determined policy is not lawful, you have the right to lodge a formal objection, which can be done via the Office of the Schools Adjudicator:

Object to school admission arrangements

The deadline for submitting an objection was 15 May 2020.