Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) form and reference library

This guide is written for NQTs and those supporting them. It contains copies of paperwork and documents that may be useful during induction.

The templates contained in this guide are for the non-statutory paperwork around induction. They are the forms that don't need to be submitted to Lambeth routinely, as part of an NQT's induction.

That said, they should still be completed as induction progresses. This will enable all involved to have a record of the support and monitoring that has been offered and received.

If you, or your school, have other ways of recording this non-statutory information, then please use them. The important thing is that the range of information highlighted on the templates is recorded, not the paperwork used to do it.

As part of our 'appropriate body' remit, the Lambeth Induction team may ask to view any paperwork completed. This is part of our quality assurance function and particularly useful if concerns are raised by the NQT or the school about any aspect of the induction process.