Small electricals and battery waste

Check which electrical items we collect, when we collect them and how they are recycled and repurposed.

How your electrical items are recycled

If your electrical item is at the end of its life and there is no way to reuse it, the next best thing is to recycle the valuable plastics and metals that make up the product.

With increasing waste disposal costs and declining supply of natural resources, it’s important to recycle valuable materials.

Once your items have reached the waste facility, they’ll be sorted based on their size and shape. Contaminant materials will be removed and the remaining items will be grouped based on material, e.g glass, cans.

Materials are then recycled and repurposed into a variety of different products. For example, aluminium and steel into new cans or car parts, glass into bottles or windows.

To find out more about how your waste is recycled, please visit the Western Riverside Waste Authority website.