Recycling for schools

Find out about recycling and composting in schools and see further educational resources.

Recycling containers

We give recycling containers to all schools in Lambeth.

If you work in a school and would like to ask about a recycling service, you can contact us:

As well as using our collection service, you can bring your unwanted goods to a reuse and recycling centre.

What you can recycle

Our school recycling takes the same items we collect from residents.

Find out what you can recycle


Our compost doctor can help schools with composting, or advise them how to start. Email them at for more information.

Compost bins and wormeries are available at reduced prices. To order one, visit Get Composting.

Information and education resources

Recycling Education Centre

Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) runs school visits for children in the education centre at the reuse and recycling centre in Wandsworth. The visits explore what happens to everything we throw away, and look at how we can help look after our waste and the environment.

Recycle Now school resources

Recycle at school has lots of information on recycling, including lesson plans for primary and secondary schools.

Work and Play Scrapstore

Schools can access a wide range of interesting, unusual and useful materials for art, educational, creative and play activities at the Work and Play Scrapstore in Earlsfield. It collects clean, reusable, surplus materials from local industries and makes them available to members.