Planning enforcement

Use this guide to find information about planning enforcement. 

We aim to avoid restricting the freedom of landowners, while maintaining the integrity of the built environment and allowing residents to live in comfort.

When works are carried out without the correct permissions, it is a breach of planning control. The council can take several different types of formal planning enforcement action when rules have been broken.

If it is decided that the planning rules have been broken, Planning Enforcement will investigate the matter in line with ourĀ Planning Enforcement Protocol (PDF, 246KB). This might involve negotiating a resolution by requesting a retrospective planning application or that works are carried out to resolve the issue/s. If those responsible are unable to satisfactorily resolve the matter, we may decide to take formal action.

Although many cases can be resolved informally, the council often has to take action. We serve many notices every year, as well as starting legal proceedings including prosecutions and injunctions.