Building regulations

Use this guide to find more information on building regulations and application fees. 

Temporary structures

We issue licences for special and temporary structures to ensure that they are designed, constructed and maintained safely, for example, marquees, flag poles and advertising boards.

Temporary structures are covered by the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939 Part IV - Section 30. We need to give consent for a temporary structure to be erected.

To make your application, please download and complete the London Building Amendment Act 1939 Section 30 Application form (PDF, 128KB). Once completed, please submit your application form by email to

You will need to pay a fee with your application. Please see our guide to the London Building Acts (A) 1939 Section 30 Charges, to determine the correct amount. Fee payments can be made online using the appropriate link below, or by cheque, credit or debit card, in the ways described in the ‘Application Fees and Payments’ section of this guide.

Pay Temporary Structures Section 30 Consent fee

Pay Renewal Temporary Structures Section 30 fee