Westminster Bridge Road regeneration project

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Public consultation (June to July 2015)

As with the first stage, We Are Waterloo were commissioned to lead on public consultation, working with other groups in the area including the South Bank Employers Group and the Waterloo Community Development Group.

Public consultation on the designs officially opened on 23 June 2015 and closed on 31 July 2015.

  • 12,200 residential and businesses addresses were sent a questionnaire to complete.
  • A dedicated website was created for the project that also allowed respondents to answer the questionnaire online.
  • A further 2,000 questionnaires were distributed locally into local shops and cafes and restaurants.

Three public exhibitions were held on:

  • 1 July - Oasis Academy South Bank
  • 8 July - St Thomas’ Hospital
  • 11 July - Lower Marsh Market.

We also held:

  • 14 July - a business breakfast meeting for local businesses.
  • 2 July - stakeholder reference group meeting.
  • 4 June - the consultation dates were highlighted at the South Bank Forum.

Other things we did:

  • E-flyers and communications were sent via South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SOWN) contacts and Waterloo Community Development Group contacts.
  • Twitter was also used to signpost people about the consultation.

Response to the consultation

Overall, the response to the proposed designs was really positive, with people showing a strong interest in seeing changes in the area. A total of 633 responses were received during consultation, the results of which were included in the Stage 2 consultation report.

For the majority of the questions, 83% of respondents agreed to proposals, with 17% not agreeing.

Of note, the questions relating to improvements at the Lambeth North junction appeared to be the most desirable for respondents, with people either strongly agreeing, or agreeing at a rate between 85-91%.

Some aspects of the designs did cause concern for certain groups, including the proposal to ban the left turn from Westminster Bridge Road onto Kennington Road, and to introduce a point closure on Hercules Road.

Although the overall response to these elements of the project were generally positive, with 6% agreeing to the proposals and 35% not agreeing, it was useful to identify aspects of the design that were the least popular, allowing our project team the information to tweak the next stage in the project.

Read the Stage 2 consultation report