Section 106 planning obligations

Guidance on planning obligations following the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy and the adoption of the Lambeth Local Plan 2015.

The council responds to the impact of new development in the borough in a number of different ways. Since October 2014 the Council has been operating the Lambeth Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule, alongside the charge for Mayoral CIL.

Many of the financial contributions that were previously collected through planning obligations to help pay for facilities and infrastructure, are now covered by CIL payments. For some projects, the impact of development can be met by CIL payments alone. In other cases, for example where the way the land is used in the future needs to be managed, or where a scheme is very large, planning obligations may be necessary as well as CIL payments.

In all cases where the impacts from development are not fully met by CIL payments, the council will look to secure planning obligations that are necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms, directly related to the development and fairly and reasonably related in kind and in scale to the development. Assessment of the impact of development, and the corresponding need for planning obligations, is carried out as part of the consideration of individual planning applications.

Planning obligations are agreements entered into between the council and owners of land, usually in conjunction with the granting of planning permission. They attach to the land, binding it and whoever owns it. They are also known as 'Section 106 Agreements', ‘S106 Agreements’ or 'Unilateral Undertakings'. Planning obligations may involve an agreement that the land will only be used in a particular way, the provision of facilities or infrastructure, or the making of financial contributions to the council.

Policy D4 of the Lambeth Local Plan (adopted September 2015) sets out the council’s policy for seeking planning obligations.

For some sorts of planning obligation (contributions in lieu of affordable housing provision on small sites, for off-site children’s play spaces and to offset the impact of visitor attractions) the council’s approach to calculating contributions is set out in Annex 10 of the Lambeth Local Plan.

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