Identifying cockroaches

A cockroach

Lambeth is commonly affected by Oriental or German cockroaches which are:

  • 10-25 mm long
  • light, dark brown or black

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Home treatments for cockroaches

An adult must be present throughout each visit. Treatments in your home typically involve:

  • two visits two weeks apart
  • placing gel bait under sink cabinets, around door hinges and other affected areas
  • a spray for intensive infested areas
  • an advice sheet with information about the bait used, where it was placed, and any special precautions needed
  • measures to protect children and pets

Preventing cockroach infestation

You can prevent cockroaches from entering you home by:

  • filling any cracks
  • reducing clutter
  • cleaning pet droppings with detergents and disinfectant
  • putting dead cockroaches in a plastic bag and in your wheelie bin
  • cleaning up all food debris from floors, tables, cupboards, and drawers