Van Gogh Walk

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Van Gogh Walk is a resident-led project in Stockwell that has transformed a traditional London street into a new community space where people meet and children play.

Van Gogh Walk has been designed so that pedestrians and cyclists have priority over cars and other vehicles. Key features of this award-winning open space include trees, raised stone-edged planters, playful sculptures and shared surfaces. It is particularly important in an area of Lambeth where many local residents do not have access to their own gardens or other communal greenspaces.

The landscaping celebrates the fact that the world famous artist Vincent Van Gogh once lived locally. Van Gogh enjoyed walking, gardens and nature as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Planting and other features along the walk are inspired by Van Gogh's paintings, and quotes from the letters he wrote whilst he lived here are carved around the edges of the raised planters. The space also provides for informal ball games and other sports, and has created a safe, welcoming and colourful space for residents and visitors alike.

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Van Gogh Walk


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Van Gogh Walk is open 24 hours a day.