Holmewood Gardens

View of Holmewood Gardens

Holmewood Gardens is small, triangular open space, located between Brixton, Clapham and Streatham, which surrounded by local roads in a ‘Home Zone’, where pedestrians and cyclists have priority over cars and all other vehicles.

Holmewood Gardens was originally a communal garden at the centre of a private development of houses erected in the 1890s. By 1928 it was owned by Holmewood Gardens Limited who managed the garden out of a rent paid by each house on the estate. In the 1960s the garden was conveyed to the Borough of Lambeth, and laid out as a public square. Additional restoration works carried out in the 1980s included new boundary railings and an intervening roadway was closed off, and as a result the site is divided into two sections either side of a paved public pathway.

Holmewood Gardens contains a children’s playground in its northern section, along with a meadow, a community orchard and a dog exercise in the southern part. It also includes benches, ornamental herbaceous planting, and is surrounded on its boundaries with a mixture of hedges and mature or young trees.

Local residents and other site users, represented through the Holmewood Neighbourhood Association, are heavily involved in the management and development of the site, including regular volunteering events, gardening and tree maintenance.

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Holmewood Neighbourhood Association (HNA) - Holmewood Neighbourhood Association



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Holmewood Gardens is normally open from 7:30 am until 15 minutes before sunset.