Government Covid-19 pass for NHS, care and key workers

The Covid-19 government pass was rolled out on 6 April 2020 for NHS staff, health & social care workers and NHS volunteers, or critical workers. The pass allows these groups to park in areas like residential and shared bays. 

Roads the pass does not cover

Due to increased parking on roads near Kings College Hospital, from 7 December 2020 the pass cannot be used on:

  • Bavent Road
  • Caldecot Road
  • Cutcombe Road
  • Venetian Road

Existing parking restrictions will apply on these roads.

If vehicles are parked without a valid permit or have not paid for parking, they may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The pass is accepted elsewhere in the borough. 

Other places the pass does not cover

You cannot use the pass to park: 

  • on double yellow lines
  • on single yellow lines within 10 metres of a junction
  • where loading and unloading restrictions (kerb markings) are in operation
  • on zig zag lines at pedestrian crossings
  • on keep clear markings outside a school, a hospital or fire, police or ambulance station
  • by dropped kerbs
  • at bus stops
  • in suspended bays
  • in disabled bays
  • in police bays
  • in ambulance bays
  • in car club bays
  • in electric vehicles bays
  • on red routes

You cannot use the pass to park at your normal place of residence or other locations if you are not at work or volunteering.