Appeal a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or the removal of your vehicle

If you receive a parking Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that you feel is unfair, you can challenge it.

Unpaid PCNs

If you don’t pay or appeal against your PCN it will progress through the statutory process, starting with the issue of a Charge Certificate.

Outstanding PCNs may end up being passed to one of our bailiff contractors to collect.

Charge Certificate

If you receive a Charge Certificate you must pay the charge within 14 days. At this stage the PCN charge increases by 50% and there is no right of appeal.

If you do not pay the charge it will be registered as a debt in the County Court, a court fee added and an Order for Recovery sent. At this stage, if you attempt to appeal your PCN it automatically be rejected.

You have 21 days in which to pay the charge or make a witness statement if you believe you have grounds to do so.

If your PCN has been passed to one of our bailiff contractors enforcement action will continue, so it is important you contact the bailiff directly.