New and amended parking and waiting restriction proposals

We intend to roll out 3 batches of minor new and amended parking and waiting restriction proposals a year, based on requests received from the public, and internal and external colleagues and stakeholders.

The proposals, which could be varied in nature, will seek to make improvements to the current road layout, either by restricting obstructive/dangerous parking or by seeking to improve the parking provision. 

Examples of the changes could include:

Double yellow lines (DYL) indicate no waiting at any time and apply to the road, pavement, and verge. These measures aim to improve safety, visibility and provide clear access for all road users; this is particularly important for emergency service vehicles (ambulances and fire engines) and the council's refuse collection service vehicles.  Motorists may however, load and unload goods or set down and pick up passengers unless the signs or road markings indicate.

Single yellow lines (SYL) indicate waiting restrictions at some time during the day, as shown on adjacent yellow time plates or CPZ zone entry signs.

Loading restrictions (LR) indicate that loading and unloading goods is not permitted and are indicated by yellow kerb markings. Double kerb markings indicate no loading at any time. Single yellow kerb markings indicate no loading at the times shown on a nearby sign.

School Keep Clear markings (SKC) are yellow zigzag lines with the wording ‘School Keep Clear’ provided outside schools usually covering their entrances and exits. Waiting and parking is prohibited on these markings at all times or within the time stated on adjacent signing. 

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) have entry signs that give the times and days the restrictions operate. Inside the CPZ, yellow lines indicate where waiting is prohibited or restricted. No yellow time plates are provided unless the waiting restriction imposed on that particular length of road is different from that indicated on the CPZ entry sign.

Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) are generally small defined areas where parking is only allowed in marked bays, without the additional use of yellow lines, where it is desired to enhance the environment, for example by improved road surface treatment. They have also been used in some residential areas. They might also be considered where the road surface, such as cobble stones, is not conducive to the application of yellow lines.

Provision of new and amendment/removal of existing parking bays - where new parking bays would be provided or lengthened to provide additional parking opportunity for different road users such as doctors (doctors bays), residents (resident bays) and residents and businesses (shared use bays). In addition, bays could be shortened in length or removed to improve motorist access or traffic flow.