Abandoned vehicles

Use this guide to find information on abandoned vehicles and how to report one.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

We will decide if a vehicle is abandoned or not. An abandoned vehicle would fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • The vehicle hasn't moved within the last month.
  • The windows are broken.
  • The vehicle is damaged and clearly not being used. It is unroadworthy or has dirty windows or rubbish inside. There is a build-up of rubbish around the wheels, has a flat tyre(s) or has missing wheels.
  • The vehicle is a danger to the public.
  • It is burnt out.
  • The vehicle is in a condition that can lead to anti-social behaviour.
  • The vehicle has no number plates.

Even if a vehicle is owned by someone, it can still be classified as an abandoned or nuisance vehicle if it meets one or more of the above criterion.