Noise complaints

Use this guide to help you find information on making a noise complaint.

What happens next

If our assessment finds that there is a noise nuisance, we will try to have the noise restricted or stopped immediately. This can include serving a legal notice. If further noise nuisance happens and is witnessed again by our officers, we may then take further legal action.

You may be asked to keep a diary of the dates and details of the noise incidents that are causing you a nuisance. This can then be used as evidence if any legal action is taken.

For ongoing and serious problems we may:

  • seek a warrant of entry to confiscate the noise-making equipment 
  • seek a closure order, preventing tenants having visitors in a home 
  • force a noisy premise to close.

All complaints are treated in confidence, but there may be times when we must release information to third parties. If we have to do this we will inform you, in case you want to prevent this happening.

We never disclose your personal information to whoever your complaint is about, or anyone else, without your consent. However, be aware that the person causing the alleged nuisance might guess where the report has come from.