Terms of use

Terms and conditions of using the mylambeth service.

  1. To keep your mylambeth account secure, keep your username and password safe. Don't share them with anyone unless you are authorising them to access your account for you. Lambeth will never ask you for your password.

  2. Accessing someone else's mylambeth account without permission may be against the law. Make sure you have the account holders consent if you are accessing on someone else's behalf.

  3. If you suspect someone has been using your account without your permission, let us know by completing our Report issues with mylambeth form. We will assume that any activity within your MyLambeth account was completed by you unless you have told us that your account has been compromised.

  4. If accessing your mylambeth account using a public computer or device or borrowing a friends, make sure that don’t allow your password or personal details to be saved (if asked if you want to save a password, choose 'no') and log-off from MyAccount when you have finished.

  5. We keep all your data safe as per the Data Protection Act requirements. For more information please see our Privacy policy and our Web data protection charter.

  6. Whenever using the internet, check that you have suitable anti-virus protection.

  7. If you change your email address or contact details, make sure that you let us know so we can keep you updated