Lambeth Archives

Lambeth Archives is the record office and local studies library for the London borough of Lambeth. We hold the historic records of Lambeth council, the deposited records of many local organisations and a local studies and museum collection.

Getting copies of materials

Photocopies for personal research or private study at A4 and A3 size:

Type A4 A3
Black and white £0.20 £0.40
Colour £0.80 £1.50
From microfilm £0.30 £0.60

Licence to use a hand-held, flash-free camera or phone:

Per day £5.00

High resolution image files from our website:

First image £15.00
Subsequent images £10.00
New scans of images and documents £20.00

Postal or email requests for photocopies of documents:

First page £15.00
Subsequent pages £1.00

If you want to reproduce or publish copies that you have made in any form, on paper or electronically, then you must contact us to ask permission and a fee may be payable.

All copying is subject to copyright restrictions and the physical condition and format of the original.