School and beyond

Find out how children and young people with SEND are supported in school, college and beyond. Also, what happens after education and how to prepare for adult life.

SEND support at school or college

Children and young people struggling with education might need extra support. Maybe they are ill. Maybe they have SEND. Find out what help they should be getting.

Help with travelling to school or college

Some children or young people with SEND can get help travelling to and from school. Find out about travel training, buses and other ways we might be able to help.

What is a SENDCO?

Find out about what a SENDCO does to to help children and young people who need extra support with their education.

Post 16 school, college and university

There are lots to think about before you leave school. Here's some information to help you choose what to do and where to go

Training, work and volunteering

When you finish school, college or university, there are more choices to make and different paths to follow

Preparing for adulthood

What happens after education? What about managing money? What about leaving home? This is the place to find out about preparing for adult life.