Short breaks for disabled children

Short breaks for disabled children 

Short breaks give children with disabilities experiences that help their personal and social development. They also give parents, carers and families a break from caring. 

Specialist support packages 

If you are a parent or carer of a child who receives a support package from the Lambeth Children with Disabilities team, for specific advice, we would recommend that you contact your provider, your social worker or the Children with Disabilities Duty Social Worker on 0207 926 6916. 

Targeted short breaks service 

If you would like to see if your child meets the criteria to join the Targeted Short Breaks waiting list or have any questions to do with Short Breaks please email Lambeth CWD Short Breaks Co-ordinator on 

Lambeth Short Breaks statement 

Since 2011, all councils must publish a ‘Short Breaks Statement’. This tells families:   

  • what services are available across the borough  
  • the eligibility criteria to access these services  
  • how the services are designed to meet the needs of disabled children and young people locally   

Lambeth’s statement is currently being updated. Download the 2018 statement below, but you are advised to contact the Short Breaks Coordinator to confirm details.