Early Years Inclusion Fund

Please note, the details of the fund are currently under review. New guidelines and funding levels will be available soon. Providers are still welcome to make online applications.

What is the Early Years Inclusion Fund?

The Early Years Inclusion Fund is for early years providers to help them support the needs of individual children with lower-level or emerging SEN.

Who is it for?

The Early Years Inclusion Fund is to support three and four-year-olds who:

  • get free early education funding
  • are behind their expected level of development by six months or more in at least two areas of learning.

The funding is for use in the setting and will be given to the provider.

The funding is not for:

  • two-year-olds who receive free early education funding
  • children with more complex needs and those who have an education, health and care plan

How much is available and how is it being used?

For this financial year (2020-21), there is a maximum fund of £389,000 available for children in Lambeth. This amount will be reviewed at the end of the financial year.

Part of the funding has been used to purchase toilet training by ERIC, which will be rolled out across the borough for all early years settings to access. It has also bought in 50 educational psychologist visits from September 2020 – March 2021. The additional professional support will be available for early years providers to help them support the needs of individual children with lower-level or emerging SEN.

The remainder of the funding will be given to early years settings.

All training and setting visits will be subject to local and national guidance during and following the coronavirus outbreak.

Band 1 - Children who have a six-month or more delay in working below their expected level in two areas of development:

Annual amount (pro rota) - £1,500

Termly amount - £500

Additional professional support - Quality improvement officer, Early years SEN manager, Early years educational psychologist (available from the Autumn Term only).

How to claim the Early Years Inclusion Fund

Early years providers are responsible for identifying eligible children.

Providers will need to complete an application form and demonstrate how they are meeting the child’s needs and monitoring progress during their time at the setting.

Providers will need parent’s consent before submitting the application form.

What can settings use the Early Years Inclusion Fund for?

The funding is to put in low-level, early support to improve outcomes for the child and reduce longer term costs.

Examples of how providers can use the Early Years Inclusion Fund include:

  • extra staff time to support specific interventions
  • specialist or one-off extra training, or to upskill a team or staff member
  • specialist support, such as speech and language therapy, which may benefit more than one child
  • support for coordinating key worker duties, such as a team around the child
  • helping children who are transitioning to school - this could be by spending time at the school and releasing key workers to support the process
  • support to produce resources for specific children where they may not need one-to-one worker support.

If you have any questions, you can email us at inclusionfund@lambeth.gov.uk.