Sheltered housing

Use this guide to help you understand more about sheltered housing in Lambeth.

Careline24 and emergencies

The emergency alarm system in every sheltered tenant's property and common area gives a direct voice link to the Scheme Manager (SM) and Careline24.

However, after 5.00pm, Monday-Friday, bank holidays and weekends when the SM is off duty, the emergency call goes straight through to Careline24 - the Southwark community alarm service. The officers from Careline are trained to deal with your call. In the absence of the SM and if the emergency needs a visit, the Careline staff will visit the sheltered scheme and deal with the problem directly.

The alarm system is for emergencies only, not for general enquiries that can wait for the return of the SM.

Entering your property

Normally, nobody can enter your property without your permission. But, sometimes it may be necessary to enter the tenant's property to help them (if they’ve had a serious fall or illness, for instance). Also, every quarter, the SM is required to carry out pull cords, smoke alarm and key checks in every tenant's flat to ensure all is working well, and would therefore require access to carry out these checks. Prior to these visits, the SM writes to all tenants advising accordingly. A vast majority of schemes operate on a MASTER key system, thereby making it accessible for scheme managers and Careline24 officers to gain quick access to a tenant's property in an emergency. These keys are to be marked as 'M' in the office key safe.

Where schemes are not operational on a MASTER key system, a spare set of every tenant's front door keys are locked in the office key safe, on the appropriate hook number for emergencies. The Careline officers also have access to this safe.

Sheltered tenants are asked not to put extra locks and bolts on their front doors without talking to the SM first. If there are extra locks, and no key is given to the manager, it could waste time if they have to try and force entry.