Tell us you're subletting your home

If you are, or are going to sublet your property, let us know by filling in this form.

Cost for this service

The cost for this service is £35.

What you need to know...

If you're going to sublet your home, you must:

  • tell us you’re subletting your home
  • inform your mortgage lender
  • inform the insurance department
  • give us your up-to-date contact details

We'll need to check your lease to confirm if you can sublet your property. Please complete the online form below so that we can do this.

You should give us your new contact details so we can send you important service charge information and contact you in an emergency.

You need to tell us if your property is empty for longer than 60 days, as it may affect the building insurance cover in place.

You should also read our important information for landlords and HMO licencing.

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