Report changes to the Homeownership Service

If your circumstances change, you should let us know in case we need to contact you. If you don’t let us know, you may not receive important information which we send to you.

Change of ownership

You must let us know if you have bought a council property.

Tell us about a property you've bought

Other changes in ownership

  • If you have inherited a property, please let us know. You’ll need to provide a copy of the grant of probate.
  • If you have divorced and the property is transferred to one party, then a transfer of equity form should be sent to us.

Tell us about the change in ownership

When someone dies

A copy of the death certificate should be sent to us.

If one or two joint leaseholders passes away, then in most cases the whole property reverts to the remaining leaseholder. If a sole leaseholder has passed away, then a copy of probate should be sent to us so that we may update our records.

You should also tell us when a freeholder dies.

Tell us someone has died

Change homeowner contact details

If any of your contact details have changed, such as email address, phone number or postal address, please let us know.

Tell us your new contact details

Name changes

If you’ve changed your name, we need to know so our records are up-to-date and we can send you your service charge information.

If you have:

  • divorced, you'll need to send us decree absolute or final order
  • got married or entered into a civil partnership, we'll need to see your certificate
  • changed your name, we will need a copy of your deed poll.

You can upload these to the form.

Tell us you've changed your name