Refugee Resettlement Programme – information for landlords and agents

The Lambeth Refugee Resettlement Programme provides safe homes for families to settle in the UK. We work with estate agents and landlords to find suitable homes and provide dedicated support to both the family and landlord to make the tenancy a success. 

The scheme has been running since 2016 and by March 2022 has provided sanctuary for 33 families fleeing conflict in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan.

If you are interested in providing a home to a family in need, please email

Further information about the scheme is available below.

How the scheme works

  • We ask landlords to commit to a 12 month (preferably longer) tenancy which will provide families with a stable start to their new life in Lambeth. The format of tenancy agreements will be discussed before the families arrive and signed on the day of their arrival.
  • You will be paid rent up to the Local Housing Allowance rates. LHA rates are available here.
  • A housing officer will assess the property for safety and suitability before a tenancy agreement is signed with a family.
  • We will make sure that the property is furnished before a family arrives and caseworkers will help the family with their set up.  
  • If a family has medical needs or mobility issues, we may ask landlords for permission to carry out minor adaptations (such as handrails). If adaptations are made, we will cover the cost to reverse the adaptations. This will be discussed in detail before a tenancy agreement is signed.  

The benefits of working with us

  • peace of mind knowing your property is being used to welcome people who had to flee their home
  • tenancy sign-up and agreement
  • no fees for tenant matching or tenancy documentation
  • support network for your tenants with a dedicated support worker, reducing any concerns
  • incentive and void cost payment

Families are supported by specialist caseworkers  

We support refugees to be independent and provide a service that helps them to:

  • pay their rent on time
  • maintain their tenancies
  • know their responsibilities as a tenant

Specialist case workers from our commissioned service provider will work closely with families and help to resolve any housing issues such as utilities, repairs and waste services. Officers at Lambeth Council will also oversee the support and answer any questions landlords might have.

Families will have legal leave to remain in the UK

Those resettled through the refugee resettlement programme will be granted leave to remain with the right to work, access benefits and other services. The resettlement schemes Lambeth council participates in are part of national programmes which are fully funded by the Home Office.

When will the families arrive after let is agreed?

Once a suitable property is identified and an agreement is reached, it usually takes on average 6-8 weeks before a family arrives in Lambeth. This is due to the time it takes for the Home Office and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to carry out checks, coordinate visas, source flights and so on. Lambeth will pay any void costs for this period.

How to get involved

Thank you for your interest. If you think you might be able to help, please email