Find tenants for your property with Lambeth Lettings

Lambeth Lettings is a free service available to developers and owners who are bringing empty property back into residential use.

Cash incentive scheme

If you rent to someone at the local housing allowance rate through this scheme, we'll pay you a generous non-refundable cash incentive. This is instead of a deposit or an upfront advance rent payment from the tenant.

The tenancy will be a normal Assured Shorthold Tenancy between you and the tenant.

All the prospective tenants put forward to you under this scheme will be thoroughly assessed by our expert staff. You can be confident that they have gone through a robust vetting process.

Prospective tenants must also attend a good tenant accreditation course. This will ensure they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and that they sign our tenant’s code of conduct.

We can organise block viewings to give you a choice of suitable tenants.

The advantages of this scheme compared to our leasing scheme is that you can choose the tenant from those we put forward. You can also benefit from the cash incentive payment.