Dealing with condensation, damp and mould

Find out what you can do about condensation, damp and mould in your home.

Condensation is a common problem in properties of all types and ages. It is increasingly found in modern homes where there’s no adequate ventilation circulation.

It can contribute to the creation of black spot mould. This is often the first sign of a condensation problem and is usually when you would become aware of it.

It can also be present where there is no noticeable mould growth, such as in roof spaces and sub-floor voids. This may lead to more moisture within structural timbers, making them vulnerable to fungal attack.

Causes of condensation

Condensation is water that is created when excess moisture in the air comes in to contact with cold surfaces. Moisture can be produced by cooking, bathing, and drying clothes.

It occurs as a result of an imbalance between moisture vapour in the air, ventilation, heating, construction type and surface temperature.