Community Works – Lambeth's new directly employed communal repairs team

We have a new in-house team to make repairs to communal spaces on our estates.

The repairs team goes wherever they're needed across the borough and are assigned tasks on electronic devices which means they're not required to collect a work schedule from the office. 

We have recruited two area managers and an admin team for communal works on estates in the North and South of the borough, and have started to train and employ local people, and created up to six apprenticeships roles to give our young people an opportunity to join the team.

Task and finish 

The idea of starting an in-house DLO communal repairs team came from a report by residents who formed a Task and Finish group. They made 21 recommendations for the council to improve the way communal repairs are reported, recorded, done and inspected after completion.  

Inspections and updates 

The team includes surveyors and health and safety inspectors, and we carry out quarterly inspections of every estate. After the inspection we work with neighbourhood housing officers to report back to the estate what the inspection found, what works we will do, and then a list of what we did. We also respond to repairs reported by residents to the call centre.

Lambeth Council has put into action all 21 proposals from the residents’ Task & Finish group report, including: 

  • 100% work to be post inspected, based on feedback from residents. 
  • Trained resident inspectors to work alongside surveyors. 
  • Enabling residents to progress chase communal repairs. 
  • Including resident satisfaction and feedback in the communal repairs service evaluation process. 

Join the team 

Community Works are now delivering for residents to help make our estates a better place to live.

Trades and office roles available

Our office team of managers, surveyors, supervisors and work planners manage repairs requests and allocate jobs to professional trades operatives who complete repairs on our estate shared spaces. 

Our professional teams deliver a mixture of estate based minor repairs and disabled adaptations repairs on behalf of the Home Improvement Agency (HIA). 

To find out out more about available roles and joining the team, which makes a positive difference for our residents and estates you can apply online