Rough sleepers

Use this guide to get information and advice for rough sleepers. 

Concerned that someone is rough sleeping?

Lambeth has a Rough Sleeping Outreach Team. You can email them on or call them on 07814 080143. Alternatively, you can notify us using the StreetLink website.

The StreetLink team will ensure that the appropriate outreach team (currently Lambeth Rough Sleeping Outreach Service) is informed, so that they can locate and support the person with a route off the street.

Lambeth has a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) that sets out the arrangements we have in place to ensure that emergency accommodation during extremely cold weather is accessible to rough sleepers.

Under this protocol, the council, partner agencies and commissioned services will carry out prompt action to ensure all rough sleepers can access shelter.

Day centres for rough sleepers 

There are many day centres available to rough sleepers in Lambeth. For more information, read our day centres guide.

Centres include: 

Day centres provide services for rough sleepers and should not be used for general housing advice. If you require general housing advice, contact our Housing Advice team.