Your rent

Use this guide to help you find information about paying your rent.

Keeping you informed about your rent account

We send all tenants a rent account statement every three months.

This is similar to a bank statement and will show:

  • your weekly rent charges
  • the payments you have made
  • any housing benefit payments that have been paid on your behalf, if appropriate
  • the balance of your account up to the date the letter was sent. This will tell you how much you owe us if you are in arrears, or how much your account is in credit.

As well as receiving quarterly statements, you can ask us for an update on your rent account balance or for extra rent statements. You can do this at any time.

We will email you a rent statement within two working days.

If you have any questions about your rent account statements, or if you want to request an additional rent statement, you can also contact the Rents Team.