Communal services on estates

We are committed to keeping all communal areas clean and tidy and maintained to a high standard. This includes grass, hedges, shrubs, pathways and courtyards.

Estate cleaning and grounds maintenance

Estate cleaning

Pinnacle carry out the cleaning tasks on our estates. Services included in the contracts are for cleaning of:

  • entrance halls
  • corridors
  • lifts
  • balconies
  • refuse chambers.

Communal cleaning charges

The communal cleaning charges for a building or a group of buildings are worked out by dividing the contract cost by the number of properties that receive the service.

Lambeth is divided into different contract areas for building and window cleaning, and also for grounds maintenance.

Window cleaning

Under the window cleaning contract, the windows in public areas should be cleaned eight times a year.

If you have any questions about the building or window cleaning contracts, please speak to your housing officer.

Grounds maintenance

Under the grounds maintenance contract, the grass should be cut, and tree, hedges and flower beds should be tidied regularly.

Complaints about cleaning

If you feel there is a problem with the cleaning, or you would like to register a complaint about the standard of cleaning,  phone us on: 020 7926 6000 or complete our feedback form.