Tenants' and residents' associations

There are over 70 residents’ associations in the borough, covering 60% of our properties. Find whether your property is covered by a TRA or how to set one up.

Getting Involved Grant for TRAs

The Getting Involved Grant (GIG) was first launched in 2013 and since then we have provided grants for many of our TRAs to support resident activities they wish to provide or commission.

These have included:

  • youth projects, including summer programmes and sports activities
  • educational initiatives including homework clubs, arts and theatre projects
  • social activities, including sewing classes, over 50s clubs and estate fun days
  • food growing projects through our Edible Living programme
  • providing internet access through our digital hubs.

The aim of the grant is to get more residents involved in their communities. It is available to Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations (TRAs) and organisations supported by TRAs that would like to run activities for residents.

To apply for the grant, please:

All applications should be sent to the area’s Resident Participation Officer.

Alternatively, please send the application to us: