Join the Lambeth 500

The Lambeth 500 is an online consultative platform, free to join for any resident who receives services from Lambeth Housing Management.

If you’re willing to give us feedback about how we work, please join the Lambeth 500 and help shape the future of housing in the borough.

Lambeth 500 members receive emails with early access to things we’re developing, surveys and requests for feedback, and opportunities to join focus groups, topical panels, and area boards. You’ll get early invitations to the Resident Assembly and other events.

Join the Lambeth 500

Lambeth 500 is flexible – you can participate as much or as little as you want, on one particular issue, on many, or on none. You can tell us at any time that you no longer wish to be a member.

For any enquires please email

Lambeth 500 news

So far this year the Lambeth 500 took part in:

  • a consultation about communal spaces on estates
  • an invitation to submit material for the Climate Change Assembly.

Our forward plan for this year includes:

  • further consultations on housing policies
  • additional training opportunities with High Trees Community Development Trust
  • surveys and consultations on homeownership and housing management services.

Our engagement in 2020-21 has included:

  • focus groups on work progression opportunities
  • recruitment to the environmental services forum
  • resident testing of the estate action plan website
  • development of a new account balance SMS service
  • drop-in sessions on energy saving and sustainability
  • assisting the development of damp and mould guidance
  • feedback interviews on development of a residents' portal
  • community volunteering opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • feedback surveys on individual and communal repairs, housing polices, resident engagement and homeownership matters.

Engagement in 2020

Engagement in 2019