Buy, sell or remortgage a council-managed property

Find out what you need to do to buy, sell or remortgage a council-managed property.

Remortgaging your property

1. Information for your mortgage provider

If you’ve applied for a new mortgage or to borrow more money, then your mortgage provider may need information from us, including:

  • current service charge account balance and statement, including ground rent
  • the number of properties currently sold within the block range
  • details of section 146 notices served on the property for non-payment of the service charge and any additional courts fees and interest payable
  • building insurance schedule and policy booklet (leasehold properties only)
  • notice fee
  • landlord’s name and address
  • details of any management company acting on the council’s behalf.

We will provide the information they need in a pre-assignment pack. The fee for this is £200.

2. Change of mortgage company

Your lease says that you need to tell us if you have a new mortgage by sending us a document called a notice of charge.

Please check with your solicitor or mortgage lender whether they’ve sent us the paperwork and paid the fee. Or, you can tell us about the change now, pay the fee and upload a copy of the notice by issuing a notice of charge.

3.Remortgaging and the Right to Buy discount

Your mortgage provider may ask us to make changes at the Land Registry if you have bought within the last five years or you’re in the process of purchasing under the Right to Buy. They can do this by issuing a notice of charge.

Your mortgage provider or solicitor may call this a letter of postponement and it relates to the Right to Buy discount. The administrative costs are for processing the application and does not guarantee any changes at the Land Registry.