Apply to join the housing transfer list

Join the housing transfer list if you’re an existing council tenant and want to move to a different property.

Who can use this service?

This form is for Lambeth Housing tenants only. If you're a housing association tenant or you rent privately, you need to apply to join the housing register.

Lambeth Housing tenants

Both secure and introductory Lambeth Housing tenants can use this form to join the housing transfer list.

If you’re a secure tenant, you can apply to exchange or swap your home with someone else. It may be quicker than applying for a transfer.

What you need to know...

Filling in this form

Depending on how many people live with you and your circumstances, this form may take some time to fill in.

When applying for other adults you include in your application you'll need to know:

  • date of birth
  • five-year address history and if they've been a local authority or housing association tenant
  • immigration status
  • nationality and ethnicity
  • National Insurance number
  • any property they own, rent or have a financial interest in.

If there are any dependant children living in your household (aged less than 18 years) you'll need to tell us:

  • their date of birth
  • if they're in full time education and the school or college they attend
  • if they normally live with you and if not, who they live with and where
  • their immigration status
  • their nationality and ethnicity.

You'll also need to provide us with information about:

  • your finances
  • any connections you have with the council
  • over 55 years old and you're interested in sheltered housing.

Read the guidance notes to help you fill in this form. Some questions on the form will refer to the notes.

Do it online

Apply to join the housing transfer list

Next steps

We'll contact you, telling you:

  • if your application to join the housing transfer list has been approved
  • your application reference number
  • how to use the choice based letting scheme.

If your circumstances change, or you want to change your choices, you must tell us immediately.