Meet Sarah

Commissioning Manager, Sarah, recently applied to become a foster carer for the first time. Her profession involves working for the council and identifying placements for young people in care. She understands first-hand the challenges faced by children’s services in finding safe, loving homes for children in need.

On her motivation for becoming a foster carer, Sarah tells us: “During the course of my job, I heard about a young person that the team were finding hard to place. Their parents were both hospitalised with coronavirus and they were home alone. It broke my heart, so I contacted the fostering team to put myself forward.”

Sarah’s main requirement applying as a single carer of 35 years, is that foster caring would need to fit around her full-time job. For this reason, the children she’d take in would be over five years old.

She tells us what inspired her to take on the role: “I’ve thought about fostering for many years – my career has involved volunteering with children and I’ve worked with children in the care system, or on the edge of care. I’ve also worked extensively with rough sleepers in different capacities and managed hostels for several years. Now I’m in commissioning, I don’t have any direct contact with people, which I really miss."

She continues: “Living in London, I’ve never had a spare room until now. I feel very lucky that this has just become possible. I know people who do respite and full-time fostering, and with my employment background I feel I’m well-prepared for the challenges it may bring. I also find working with young people really rewarding.”

On why Sarah chose Lambeth, she tells us: “I work in Lambeth but live outside the borough. I guess I chose to be with Lambeth as I love working here. I know there are some really fab people working here too – my allocated social worker who’s taken me through the process so far has been amazing. Every contact with the team has been excellent. I can’t fault them, they’ve been so supportive.”

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