Afewee Academy Football Classes (5 To 10 Years Old)

Afewee Football Academy is widely renowned in the sport. Young boys and girls are encouraged from the earliest age to develop individual skills on the ball and to let their personality be expressed in their style of play. This gives our young athletes their distinctive flair, confidence, hunger and qualities which draw them to the attention of the academies.

Discipline and self-belief are key for a youngster’s progression within the game and their successful navigation through life’s challenges. Afewee’s methods are rigorous and demanding. Gaining the trust and respect of these often spirited youngsters is central to keeping them on track. Afewee expects our athletes to give of their best. Many rise to the challenge because they know that the tough Afewee regime is underpinned by understanding of the problems and pitfalls they face and a passionate commitment to helping overcome them.

If Brixton’s young footballers dare to dream, Afewee will put its heart and soul into helping to make those dreams come true.



Sports Hall, Level 4, Brixton Recreation Centre
Brixton Station Road
United Kingdom



  • Start date: 16/12/2019
  • End date: Still available

Opening times

Day Start time End time
Monday 4:00 PM 6:00 PM

Costs and charges

Amount Type
£4.00 Per session

Age range

From 5 to 10

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