Becoming a Net Zero Council by 2030

We have made a bold commitment to lead by example and reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030. Our corporate carbon reduction plan sets out how we will make the council’s operations carbon neutral by 2030.

Borough wide emissions: Citizens’ assembly on climate change

While the council can provide leadership by reducing its own carbon emissions, and use the planning and regulatory powers local government has to provide some influence, the council does not have the power or the solutions to significantly reduce carbon emissions across the borough as a whole alone. That's why we need to have an upfront and honest conversation with residents and businesses about the changes required.

We are hosting a citizens' assembly to develop recommendations for a collective response to the climate crisis

We know that many people, organisations and businesses in Lambeth are already exploring smarter, greener ways of working and living, so it’s vital that we open out the conversation more widely. It is only by doing so that we will build a shared commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral borough.

To develop recommendations for a collective response to the climate crisis, the council has committed to fund a citizens’ assembly on climate change. This will bring together Lambeth residents, randomly selected and fully representative of the population, to review the evidence, consider potential initiatives to address the climate emergency, and recommend climate actions that can command broad support.

The assembly will be funded by the council but organised and facilitated by independent experts, and overseen by a Steering Group which includes representatives from organisations across the borough. They will help to make sure the assembly is presented with a range of unbiased evidence and help the assembly to produce a clear set of recommendations for the borough to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero.

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