Animal welfare

Our duties include to seize stray dogs, inspect and licence animal establishments and promote responsible pet ownership within the borough.

Stray dogs

The Animal Welfare Service aim to help collect stray dogs and reunite them with their owners.

According to the law, a dog is straying if it is unsupervised in any public place or any private area without the owner's consent. If you allow your dog to stray, you may have to pay a fee to claim your dog.

To report a stray dog or missing dog, call us.

During these hours we will try to collect the dog if the animal welfare officer is available. If we have collected your dog and it is microchipped and/or wearing a collar with your details on it we will contact you.

Outside of these hours, please call 020 7926 1000. We offer a reception point for stray dogs to be brought to us outside of our opening hours

If you have lost your dog we need to know:

  • breed (if relevant)
  • the colour, size, sex and approximate age of the dog
  • if it had a collar with a tag
  • if it’s microchipped
  • when and where it was last seen
  • your contact phone number and address.

In case your dog is already in their care, you should also contact Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.