How we will measure ourselves

Since the launch of our Customer Experience strategy which sets out how we will make sure our services deliver what you our customers really want, when you want it, and that you are able to access our services in a way that suits you best. We have been busy putting our promises into action.

So far, we have:

  • launched our Customer Standards, setting out our promises and how we will measure ourselves against them
  • carried out reviews of our top 13 customer facing service areas to identify improvements such as training needs, improving customer satisfaction scores, improving transparency about our performance and changing the way we do certain things to make your experience easier
  • identified another 31 service areas to undertake the same improvement journey process to reinforce and embed our customer standards further
  • introduced a new online tenant account to enable tenants to check rent balances, view statements and request refunds - more than 10,000 tenants and 2,000 leaseholders have signed up to the new online tenant account
  • started work on implementing new technology that will give you increased options in how you interact with us
  • run lunch time training workshops for over 100 staff, including topics such as ‘What is a good customer experience?’ and ‘Reward & recognition’ and ‘Managing high performing teams'

We want to be able to share with you what we are doing and how we are measuring ourselves to improve your customer experience. To do that we are analysing data that we currently collect and ensuring all data measurements are consistent across the council. We want to be transparent and open about the progress we are making and will use this data to set baselines to be able to demonstrate to you how we are improving on a quarterly basis.

For example, currently we know that:

  • we received 1228 complaints in the last quarter and 88.84% were answered within our published target of 90% - we are now analysing the reason for complaints and looking to fix the route cause where there is commonality
  • when accessing our services online you are required to have multiple log ins and passwords - we are putting in place technology that will allow you to log in once and use a single password to access services. This will be available for Council Tax, housing and parking services in the first phase
  • as part of our transparency promise, we are working on a project to publish our Freedom of Information online. - this will mean information is more readily available for you to view and easier to access

In addition to providing updates on the above over the coming months, we will share with you our progress on our next set of measures including:

  • improvement in solving your queries the first time you contact us.
  • a reduction in the number of complaints we receive
  • the number of our staff who have completed additional training in customer excellence
  • the number of processes we have amended that improve your experience

Change doesn’t happen overnight but we are committed to improving and ensuring you receive the best service from us as possible as laid out in our strategy.

Our next update will be at the end of the summer when we have completed the baselining exercise and we will show you how we are improving your services.